I'm using biblatex-chicago to format my bibliography, and my professor wants us to cite his lectures with the exact day there were recorded, like this:

Last, First. 2020. 8. 5. ``Course Name: Course Description.'' University of State, City. 

The inline citations are supposed to look like:

"...quote quote quote" (Last 2020.8.5). 

How would I go about formatting this in my .bib file? How would I ensure it shows up like this in my paper?


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It can be extremely painful to modify biblatex-chicago to produce output not in line with CMS requirements. The style does a lot of work to be able to meet CMS requirements and uses some very complex code to get everything right.

In general I recommend not trying to modify heavily customised styles such as biblatex-chicago, biblatex-apa, ... beyond the interfaces they offer.

Here is an ad-hoc solution that worked OK in my tests. To avoid messing up things we don't want to mess up, I added a new entry option fulldate that you need to explicitly set if you want the full date in citations and the bibliography.


\usepackage[authordate, backend=biber]{biblatex-chicago}



\renewbibmacro*{date}{% Adding the test solved some issues in 0.9 with
    \AND\iffieldundef{day}\AND\iffieldundef{season}}% Punctuation in some
    {}%  entry types (Misc).  The whole \printdate thing may need further work.


  author      = {Anne Elk},
  title       = {A Theory on Brontosauruses},
  date        = {1980-04-05},
  institution = {Univ. of Place},
  location    = {Place},
  options     = {fulldate},

Lorem \autocite{elk}

Lorem (Elk 1980.4.5)//Elk, Anne. 1980.4.5. A Theory on Brontosauruses. Univ. of Place, Place.

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