I'm using the option eprint=false in \usepackage{biblatex}, as in


so that it does not print the arXiv reference for published articles. However, I have certain entries (currently listed as @online in my .bib file, but I could also list them as @artice if needed) that have not yet been published and only have arXiv numbers.

Would it be possible to print arXiv number only for the latter?

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There are many things you could to do show the eprint field for certain entries while suppressing it for others. You just need to figure out a rule that says when to print and when not to print eprint and a way to tell biblatex about that.

With a recent version of biblatex you could for example turn off eprint globally with eprint=false, and then turn it back on for only @online entries. (Here the rule would be that published papers are entered as @article and preprints that are not yet published in a journal as @online.)


  doi=false, isbn=false, url=false, eprint=false,


\nocite{baez/article,baez/online} % both entries have an eprint field

Baez, J. C. and A. D. Lauda. Higher-Dimensional Algebra V: 2-Groups. Version 3. 27th Oct. 2004. arXiv: math/0307200v3.//— ‘Higher-Dimensional Algebra V: 2-Groups’. Version 3. In: Theory and Applications of Categories 12 (2004), pp. 423–491.

It is also possible to use entry-level options.

Alternatively, you could skip the option and modify the relevant bibmacros directly, which would give you more possibilities for fine tuning which eprints are shown (you could check if eprinttype is arxiv for example). I'll be happy to write something up about that, but then I'd need a good example document with good test .bib entries and a clearer description of the rules/algorithms that determine if a eprint is shown or not.

  • Thanks, the ExecuteBibliographyOptions does exactly the job I needed.
    – jj_p
    Aug 29, 2020 at 9:58

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