I'm looking for a solution to rotate pages in my PDF output in the opposite direction to what seems to be the standard for most packages. I have a header and footer on my page and for aesthetic reasons would like the page to rotate to a landscape orientation by turning counterclockwise i.e. the content appears to rotate clockwise and the footer appears on the right hand side.

I've tried the pdflscape package, which rotates it in the opposite direction by default and seemingly no option to alter rotation direction:


And I've also tried the rotation package, which achieves the layout that I want, but leaves the page in portrait mode when viewing in a PDF viewer:


I'd like to keep the header and footer in their "portrait" positions for consistency within the document, as is the case in both of these solutions.

So, is there any way to achieve a landscape pageview in a PDF, whilst simply rotating the page in a counterclockwise direction?


This solution creates a new environment: clandscape (counter rotate).



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