How can I put text inside the bar instead of over the bar? Thank you in advance for your help!



\startchronology[align=left, startyear=1790,stopyear=1860, height=0pt, startdate=false, stopdate=false, dateselevation=0pt, arrow=false, box=true]
\chronoperiode[textstyle=\raggedleft\colorbox{green}, color=green, startdate=false, bottomdepth=0pt, topheight=8pt, textdepth=-15pt,dateselevation=16pt, stopdate=false]{1790}{1860}{Text}
\chronoperiode[textstyle=\colorbox{blue}, color=blue, startdate=false, bottomdepth=8pt, topheight=16pt, textdepth=-20pt, dateselevation=12pt, stopdate=false]{1850}{1860}{More text}

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With help from --




I found it easier with just TiKz

enter image description here

enter image description here


\subsection*{Biographical cornerstones}
    node distance = 0mm,
      L/.style = {% as Line style for the gray base line with length 10 units 
    line width=1.5mm,
    {Bar[width=22mm,line width=1pt]}-{Bar[width=22mm,line width=1pt]}% for the corner 
\draw[L]    ( 0,0)  coordinate (s)% draw the base bar of gray color
                    node[above=10mm] {1790} --  
            (10,0)  node[above=10mm] {1860};
\draw[green!40,line width=4.5mm]    %draw the next bar of green color
            ( 0.03,0.3)  coordinate (t)--
            node[pos=0.5,black] {Some text}
            (9.97,0.3) ;

\draw[blue!40,line width=4.5mm]    % draw the blue bar
            ( 6*1.43,0.72)  coordinate (r)--         % 7portions of the base bar is 
                                                      %1.43 units each i.e 10/7
            node[pos=0.5,black,font=\tiny,align=center] {More \\text}
            (9.97,0.72) ;

\foreach \x in {1,...,6}{%
        \pgfmathsetmacro\result{1790+(\x * 10)}    % macro to calculate labels
\draw[gray,line width=1pt]                        %draw the ticks for each year


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