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I would like to draw this in TikZ. Here is what I have tried.

   \node (i) at (120:1cm)  {Money invested};
   \node (j) at (-125:.7cm) {Interest rate};

   \draw (67:1cm)  arc (50:-50:1cm);
   \draw (-160:1cm) arc (-150:-180:1cm);

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Here is a start:



   \path (120:1cm) node (i) {Money invested}
   +(0,-1cm) node (j){Interest rate}

   \begin{scope}[bend left=90,looseness=2,pos=0.95,below,node font=\tiny]
        \draw (i)to []node[]{+}(j);
        \draw (j)to[] node[]{+}(i);
        \draw (R.45)arc[radius=0.25,start angle=45,delta angle=-180];


enter image description here

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