I'm trying to link soli1.png and soli2.png, willing to redirect the reader to the images but the image viewer (eog) stays loading and then it disappears (look at the top in the following order ). I've tried several ways ("run:./soli1","run:./soli1.png","run:./soli1.jpg" (I have also a jpg version), "run:soli1.png", \url ...) of changing the path (I want to keep it relative), without success. The thing is that I know the path is well written.

Line of code

Line of code





My friend got the same result in its machine so I'm becoming crazy.

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The \href tag by default opens pdf files, what I would recommend is to convert the images to different pdf's and change the extension inside the link so the image can be open outside the text generated in a new window.


Because the \href command has some problems when it tries to open an image in the different OS where the link is not broken but the launch action does not take place.

  • the problem is not with \href, but with pdf readers: the only link types that work for most of them are links to external URL's (URI), and local links to pdf-files (GoToR). Other types often work only in adobe, or a small set of readers. Beside this: you don't need run:, \href{soli2.pdf}{soli2} should work fine. Sep 5, 2020 at 9:44
  • Worked like a charm, thanks everyone
    – ego2509
    Sep 5, 2020 at 19:14

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