I'm trying to write my first document with classicthesis (documentclass scrbook), but when I compile it, it looks like the top and bottom margins are somehow reduced to nearly 0: there is nearly no space between page number/chapter title/section title and the page edge.

I progressively removed every customization I used (a couple of classicthesis options and some other packages I loaded) until I only loaded classicthesis and put some contents:



\title{Title of the article}
\author{Author Name}

\chapter{Lorem ipsum}


However, when I compile it I always get this (note - I have not cropped the page):

enter image description here

I also tried to rebuild the setup used for the package manual by adding the drafting option, just to check if anything changed - and it didn't even print date and time at the bottom of the page.

As far as I know, this is not exactly what classicthesis should produce, but I can't figure out where is the problem. Any suggestion?

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    scrbook does not seem to cooperate well with classicthesis. (See the bunch of warnings you get when compiling your MWE). As fas as I can tell, there are two options: You can either stick to classithesis and instead use a documentclass such as book or you could use scrbook without the classicthesis package.
    – leandriis
    Sep 5 '20 at 9:25
  • @leandriis Thanks! I was compiling with TeXstudio and as the document was compiled anyway I missed all the warnings!
    – Ntakwetet
    Sep 5 '20 at 10:14
  • Nothing to worry about. Check the options to \documentclass in classicthesis-book.tex in the Examples folder that comes with the template. You need these two options: headinclude and footinclude. Sep 11 '20 at 0:04

Your \documentclass is missing two options: headinclude and footinclude. You'll find them in classicthesis-book.tex in the Examples folder that comes with the template.

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