\path (4,2) node [cloud, draw,cloud puffs=9,cloud puff arc=90, aspect=1.7, inner ysep=.3em](F1){}
(5,2) node[circle,draw,circle = 1cm](F2){}
(5,2.3) node[align = center]{}
(6,2) node[rectangle,draw](F3){}
(6,1.75) node[align = center]{}
(7,2) node[circle,draw](F4){}
(7,2.25) node[align = center]{}
(8,2) node[cloud, draw,cloud puffs=9,cloud puff arc=90, aspect=1.7, inner ysep=.3em](F5){}
(3.5,1.5) node[circle,draw,circle = 1cm](F6){}
(3.5,1.75) node[align = center]{};
\draw (F1) -- (F2);
\draw(F3) -- (F4);

enter image description here

  • Welcome to TeX.SE! Please, extend your code fragment to complete small document, which we can compile as it is- Apparently you have in document some information related to this picture without which is not possible to test your code. – Zarko Sep 7 '20 at 11:34
  • i want just to increase the size of recangle and circle and also want to vertical line inside the rectangle – Mubashir Sheheryar Sep 7 '20 at 11:42
  • i make some edit – Mubashir Sheheryar Sep 7 '20 at 11:46
  • Please make this into something others can copy and test as is. The begin/end{document} part are placed all wrong, and there is no document class – daleif Sep 7 '20 at 11:50
  • i am sorry plz check it again – Mubashir Sheheryar Sep 7 '20 at 11:58

You can define minimum size of nodes:

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm, tikz]{standalone}
                shapes.multipart, shapes.symbols}

node distance = 9mm and 7mm,
  start chain = F going right,
   arr/.style = {-Straight Barb},
  base/.style = {draw, semithick, 
                 minimum size=3em}, % <--- define size of nodes
     C/.style = {base, circle},
  MPNh/.style = {base, % Multi Part Node horizontal
                 rectangle split, rectangle split parts=4,
                 rectangle split horizontal}, 
 oblak/.style = {base, minimum width=4em,
                 cloud, cloud puffs=9, cloud puff arc=150, aspect=2},
    \begin{scope}[nodes={on chain, join=by arr}]
\node [oblak]   {};
\node [C]       {};
\node [base]    {};
\node [C]       {};
\node [oblak]   {};
\node [C, above=of F-3] {};
  • In above MWE I took a liberty and draw you nodes in chain using the tikz library chains and also its macro join.
  • Since your preamble is not known, I use standalone. You can replace it with ehatever, however, in this case you need load tikz package and delete margin option.

enter image description here

Edit: Added vertical lines in rectangle nodes, i.e. rectangle is replaced by multipart node.

  • i also want vertical lines inside the rectange – Mubashir Sheheryar Sep 7 '20 at 12:12
  • @MubashirSheheryar, where? How many? Please clarify this in question by some sketch. – Zarko Sep 7 '20 at 12:15
  • plz look to the above picture – Mubashir Sheheryar Sep 7 '20 at 12:27
  • @MubashirSheheryar, see edited answer. – Zarko Sep 7 '20 at 12:37
  • @MubashirSheheryar, any news? – Zarko Sep 8 '20 at 10:03

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