A very similar issue has been asked quite a while ago. Although, my goal is not to put the page numbers in the header, but in the side margin. I am using the twoside and a5paper options in LaTeX Memoir.

Is there a similar approach to that one mentioned as an answer to the linked issue? I found a solution using TikZ here, but is there a way of achieving this directly by using Memoir?

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I have modified the answer that you refer to.

% pagenumberprob.tex SE 561745   --- a modification of the answer to SE 446031


%% Make headers what I want (don't say Chapter 1 chap 1 etc)

%% new page style

%% line to show where page actually ends

% use a zero sized picture to place the page number

%% attempt at header where page number exists in the margin - alternating left and right


\chapter{Chap 1}

\section{sec 1}

\section{sec 2}


You may want to adjust the location of the page numbers and their font.

  • That worked perfectly! So I assume there is not really a good way to do it without using a picture to move the number around? Then this idea is actually quite similar to the TikZ solution linked above, right?
    – TiMauzi
    Sep 7, 2020 at 20:26
  • @TiMauzi A zero sized picture is a good way to put things where you want them to be. Sep 8, 2020 at 17:40

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