I want symbols "a triangle with a centered dot inside it", "a triangle with a circle inside it", "a downtriangle with a centered dot inside it", and also "a downtriangle with a circle inside it". I have tried the package stix and then type the command "\trianglecdot" in the source file. It can give me the first symbol, but this package stix is not good, since in the meanwhile it can also make the style of many other symbols not good-looking. For the remaining three symbols, I do not find suitable packages and commands either.

How to expose all the four symbols? Many thanks.


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thanks to member erik

have a look here -- https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/429103/197451

enter image description here

\node(t)[green,regular polygon,regular polygon sides=3,rotate=180,draw,scale=#1] at 
\node at (t.center)[circle,fill=red,scale=0.5*#1]{};
\node at (t.center)[circle,blue,draw,scale=#1]{};
\dots images \bluetrireddot\ acquired \dots
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    – Jie
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\tdotcircle work only inline mode and not like underscript o overscript mode.


\[a\tdotcircle b\]

enter image description here

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