Does Musixtex really not have a command to write rinforzando (rfz)? I've searched through their guide https://icking-music-archive.org/software/musixtex/musixdoc.pdf but haven't found it, not even in the index. Is it really not in the package?


You can define it, based on similar definitions. Changing an example from the manual and adding the definition:


\def\rfz{{\ppff r\p@kern f\f@kern z}}




enter image description here

You might prefer

\def\rfz{{\ppff rf\f@kern z}}

that gives

enter image description here


If you just need a rfz once in a piece, you can simply write a {\bi rfz} within \notes … \en, which I have done in the first case. In the second case I have defined it as egreg did, but by using \bi and kern the letters by points:

\def\rfz{{\bi r\kern-0.5pt f\kern-0.7pt z}}% The kerning in tenths of point is a matter of personal taste

\notes\qqsk\ccharnote{-4}{\bi rfz}\qu f\qu g\bsk\hsk\en\bar%
\notes\ccharnote{-4}{\rfz}\qu h\ql j\ql k\ql j\hbsk\en\bar%

examples rfz: not kerned and kerned

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