For the font Source Sans Pro I want to use the semibold font instead of bold. The documentation indicates I should enable the option "semibold", but I do not know how to enable it. Here is my attempt which does not work

\setsansfont{Source Sans Pro Light}
\setmonofont{Source Sans Pro Light}
\setbeamerfont{title}{series= \semibold,parent=structure}

Thank you in advance for the help

  • HI on TeX ! Please provide us a MWE ! – flav Sep 10 '20 at 15:29

The option semibold is an option of the package. Using \setsansfont loads the font directly instead of via the package.

The following loads the sourcesanspro package with the semibold option (which makes bold semibold), and sets the title/frametitle font series to bold:


Of course, it is also possible to use the semibold variant only in the titles:

  • Thank you so much for your detailed answer. It solves the problem perfectly – Steven Qu Sep 10 '20 at 19:28

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