In Document Titles it says:

Suppose that we save this in the file t-title.tex.

But in then it is mentioned:

Then, we can use this in our main ConTeXt document with the following syntax, which is quite similar to the LaTeX version aside from the addition of the \usemodule[title] command in place of \documentclass{article}.

I am trying to understand why t- is prepended into the file name while \usemodule[title] omits this.

Say if I want to organise my reusable modules in a directory structure how do I use them?


The module naming scheme is an unenforced contract. You can acutally name your module anything of m-title.tex, p-title.tex, x-title.tex, s-title.tex, t-title.tex, title.tex as all these names will be tried (in that order I think). Generally you should use either t-title.tex or title.tex since the other prefixes are reserved for internal use. Other extensions than .tex are also possible, usually .mkii is chosen for MkII modules, .mkiv for MkIV modules and .mkxl for LMTX modules. See the Garden page on modules and file-mod.lua for details.

ConTeXt will look in TEXMF for these files which is defined in contextcnf.lua. This includes the current working directory and its parent directory.

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