Inside a two column document, I am using the multicols environment in order to save space on small questions. However, the width of columnsep that I am using at page level is apparently the same that multicol uses. Is there anyway to fix that ?

Here is a MWE :

\usepackage[top=2 cm, bottom=2 cm, left=2 cm, right=2 cm,twocolumn,a4paper,landscape]{geometry}


Which of the following fractions are equal to $\dfrac{5}{3}$ ?
\item $\dfrac{45}{27}$
\item $\dfrac{54}{33}$
\item $\dfrac{90}{54}$
\item $\dfrac{40}{25}$
\item $\dfrac{0,05}{0,03}$


\columnsep is only used by the main twocolumn in \twocolumn (or \begin{document}) to calculate the \columnwidth so you can set it to a new value locally before the multicolumn without affecting the page layout.

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  • Thanks, I should have tried this before ! – titus Sep 15 at 11:53

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