I'm working on my these and I would like to have for each chapter its own bibliography, its own list of tables and its own list of figures.

For the bibliography I'm using chapterbib package : I've a main document plus two others for both of chapters so I can use the command \include{chapter} in the main document.

However, my problem still is the use of lot and lof. I'm not that familiar with LateX yet so I am asking help. For exemple, if I apply \listoffigures in the first chapter it displays to me all the figures that are in chapter 1 and chapter 2 .

How can I avoid this and get for each chapter its own lists ?

Here is the main document's commands :

\documentclass[a4paper, 12pt, french, openright, oneside, fleqn]{report}



% ----------------------------------
% -------- PACKAGES BIBLIO --------- 
% ----------------------------------

% \setcitestyle{authoryear,open={((},close={))}}

% *********************************************

\author{} \date{}

% -----------------------------------------
% ------ B E G I N  D O C U M E N T -------
% -----------------------------------------



% ---------------------------------------------
% -------------- TABLE OF CONTENT --------------
% ---------------------------------------------





This is a FAQ and here are some links.

TeXFAQ: minitoc

TeX.SE: List sections of chapter at beginning of that chapter

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