I recently acquired three OTF files for Minion Pro (minionpro-regular.otf, minionpro-it.otf, and minionpro-semibod.otf). I followed this guide from overleaf on how to use set MinionPro as my main font using the \setmainfont{MinionPro-Regular.otf} command. I did upload all three files via project.


However, this does not cover italic and boldface. Currently, if I try \textbf or \textit, only regular texts show up. Is there a way to set minionpro-it.otf and minionpro-semibod.otf as the font for italic and boldface respectively?

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Use the ItalicFont= and BoldFont= options, such as

  UprightFont = *-regular ,
  BoldFont = *-semibold ,
  ItalicFont = *-it ,
  Extension = .otf ]

Add BoldItalicFont = if you have one, enable any other features you want to use, and tweak to match your filenames.

  • Thanks so much! It is working now!
    – user224899
    Commented Sep 18, 2020 at 18:07

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