The clean option of arara removes all extensions except for
.xml files when .xml is listed in the extensions options:

%  arara: clean : { extensions: [aux,bbl,bcf,blg,glg,glo,gls,idx,ilg,ind,ist,log,lof,lol,lot,out,ptc,toc,xml] }

leaves file <filename>.run.xml.

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arara does not use a wildcard before its extensions.

It specifically looks for
<filname>.<extension> and not
<filname>*.<extension> where * means wildcard.

Wildcard translates to:

Thus xml should be more specific and changed to run.xml to get rid of the file.



%  arara: clean: { extensions [aux,< ... ... ... >,toc,xml] }


%  arara: clean: { extensions [aux,< ... ... ... >,toc,run.xml] }

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