How can I set up a permanent compile loop that keeps trying even when there are errors? I'm using latexmk with a remote compile setup as discussed here and here. However, if I save a document with a bug (either a legitimate bug, or I save it before closing a tag), then latexmk halts. Any suggests how I can have it pause, try again, and keep trying again, for ever and ever?

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    Use the -halt-on-error option in your latex command. So in bash I would write something like while true; do latex -halt-on-error filename.tex; sleep 5; done – Willie Wong Nov 19 '10 at 19:23

There's \batchmode, which will disable terminal output and pretend you just pressed enter on every error message, but it won't save you from infinite loops. (There's also \nonstopmode, which I believe does the same with terminal output.)

There are usually corresponding command line switches, --interaction=batchmode or --batchmode

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