When using JabRef for texStudio, it gives option for pushing citation (see attached picture). pushing Citation

How to use same method for citation for overleaf using Jabref. There is no option for pushing citation on overleaf in Jabref

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Not possible at the moment (an issue has been filled, but put on hold because of lack of resources --- https://github.com/JabRef/jabref/issues/156.

Temporary solution: use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + K to copy \cite{citationkey), and then paste it in overleaf.


There is a workaround using Dropbox, if you are on an Overleaf Premium Plan.

  1. Setup Dropbox Synchronization at Overleaf and synchronize the files to your local PC.
  2. Open your local, synchronized .bib file with JabRef.
  3. Whenever you save in JabRef, it will be uploaded to Dropbox and sent to Overleaf from there. It takes a few seconds, but happens automatically.

If you use this workaround, you should not edit the .bib file in Overleaf while JabRef is running. This would result in version conflicts.

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