I am aware that the name order can be changed in Biblatex, but is it possible to change it entry-by-entry? I.e., to mix different name orders for different books within the same bibliography.

Motivation: for books with Hungarian authors I want to use the Eastern name order, for the rest, the usual Western name order should be used to display authors.

This question addresses the issue, but was discussed before Hungarian was included in Biblatex, and now that we already have Hungarian files, I'd try to avoid redifing bbx and lbx files manually.

  • For an Icelandic bibliography I have to order the Icelandic names by first name, e.g. "Jón Jónsson", but foreign ones by last name, e.g. "Doe, John". I accomplish this by putting the whole name of the Icelandic author in a second pair of curly brackets in the .bib file, like "author = {{Jón Jónsson}}" essentially telling Latex that it should be treated like one name. Is this what you are after? – Plergux Oct 5 '20 at 7:02
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    @Plergux Thanks! Yes, I thought of this solution, but I'd try to avoid it, as it is everything but elegant... It would good to keep the nice, semantically clear usage of BibTeX. – Tamas Ferenci Oct 5 '20 at 20:54

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