I do yet not know everything about coding with tikz but I am learning. I need to draw this system and I would really appreciate it if someone helped me make this.

enter image description here

Now I don't want the structure to be thick I need it to be simple and thin, the exact same structure of lines, arrows, dots and so on like this figure:

enter image description here

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    You've posted this question already, here. An answer was given. Why are you posting it again? – DJP Oct 6 '20 at 23:44
  • Because I wanted it simple and thin not thick. I don't know how to change that code so it can be not thick because as I wrote before, I'm not good at coding with tikz so I have no clue how to make it right, and the arrows are also wrong. That's why I posted the same question. And the line in the middle of the strip was missing. – Muhashka Oct 6 '20 at 23:52
  • Your original question says you would like it thin: "I want it to have the same kind of structure as this system, not too bold just simple and thin.". – DJP Oct 7 '20 at 0:10
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    Does this answer your question? Can someone help me create this system? – DJP Oct 7 '20 at 0:11
  • @Muhashka could you define simple and thin with reference to your question – js bibra Oct 7 '20 at 1:18

You mean like this? Not the most elegant, but serves as a good starting point for further fine tuning.



\draw [->] (-2.5,0) -- (2.5,0)node[below]{$x$}; 
\draw [->] (0,0)node[below, yshift=-0.1cm]{$O$} -- (0,2.5)node[left]{$y$};
\draw (2,0) arc (0:180:2);
\draw [thick] (2,0.1) -- (2,-0.1)node[below]{$R$} (-2,.1) -- (-2,-0.1)node[below]{$-R$};
\draw [->] (0,0) -- node[above=.1cm]{$R$} ++(135:2) coordinate(d);
\draw [dotted] (d) |- (0,0);
\draw [pattern=north east lines] (1,0) rectangle (53:2)coordinate[pos=.5](c); 
\draw (c)+(-0.2,0)node[left]{$\hat{y}$} -- +(0.2,0)(c);
\draw [|<-] (1,-.2) -- ++(-.3,0);
\draw [|<-] (1.2,-.2) -- ++(.3,0);
\node at (1.1,-.5) {$dx$} (20:1.6) node{$dA$};



enter image description here

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    Nice answer. It is much more simple and clean than the one gave on the other version of the question the OP posted. This is the kind of answer I expected when someone says "I'm a beginner", the answers sticks to the basics and nothing too difficult that the OP could not understand and change by him/herself. – FHZ Oct 7 '20 at 1:37
  • That's what I meant! Perfect! Thank you! – Muhashka Oct 7 '20 at 7:15
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    @Muhashka, it sounds like this answer solves your problem. If so, you should upvote and accept the answer. – Sandy G Dec 11 '20 at 16:40

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