I am trying to align some text left to an equation which has to be aligned in the center. For now I have tried this, but now my equation is aligned to the right. How do I solve this?

(EFQ) && A \wedge \neg A \rightarrow B, 

If the equation needs to be centered you need to add further && on the right and introduce an amount of space equivalent to the text you are writing on the left




Two \verb+&&+ without horizontal space correction
(EFQ)&& A \wedge \neg A \rightarrow B, &&
Two \verb+&&+ with \verb+\hphantom+
(EFQ)&& A \wedge \neg A \rightarrow B, && \hphantom{(EFQ)}
Check with the centred equation
A \wedge \neg A \rightarrow B,


enter image description here

Unrelated, but I believe that (EFQ) should rather be in text mode (\text{(EFQ)}.

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