I am new to latex and creating a study report using the overleaf latex. I am facing some issue with addition of Bibliography in IEEE format.

I am trying to add bibliography in IEEE format but for some reason it displays the accessed date before the published date. I want it to display the published date along with title and finally the accessed date in the square brackets.

Here is my overleaf syntax:





Random citation \cite{1} embeddeed in text.



My literatur.bib:

    HOWPUBLISHED = "\url{http://example.com}",
    AUTHOR = "Intel",
    TITLE = "Example Website",
    MONTH = "Dec",
    YEAR = "1988",
    NOTE = "Accessed on 2012-11-11"

As of now its appearing something like this: enter image description here

I want it something like this:

[1] Intel,Example website,http://example.com, Dec.1988. Accessed on 2012-11-11.

Also I wanted to know what is the difference between style and citestyle that we pass in the package.

After bit more research I am able to get the proper IEEE format using the following syntax but I am unable to get the Access Date here:

    editor = {Philip Campbell},
    publisher={Macmillan Publishers Ltd.},
    title = {Nature},
    month= {May},
    year = {2012},
    url = {https://www.nature.com/nature/}

How can I add the access date in the above reference, can someone please help?


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Use the fields url and urldate to give the URL and access date of an online reference.



  AUTHOR  = {Intel},
  TITLE   = {Example Website},
  date    = {1988-12},
  url     = {http://example.com},
  urldate = {2012-11-11},

Random citation \autocite{example} embeddeed in text.


In IEEE style that produces

Intel, Example website, Dec. 1988. [Online]. Available: http://example.com (visited on 11/11/2012).

which isn't exactly what you described in the question, but is what the IEEE want and might be close enough for your purposes.

A complete biblatex style usually consist of two components: The bibliography style and the citation style. Up to a certain degree it is possible to load the citation and the bibliography style separately.

biblatex knows three options to influence the loaded bibliography and citation styles. bibstyle to load the bibliography style, citestyle to load the citation style and style to load both the bibliography and citation style. As such


is the same as

bibstyle=<style>, citestyle=<style>,

With style=ieee, citestyle=numeric, you essentially get bibstyle=ieee, citestyle=numeric,. That is to say you get a bibliography according to IEEE rules, but your citations use the standard biblatex numeric style.

If you need full IEEE style, you only want


and no citestyle=numeric,.

In general I'd say that most people only ever need style. You only need citestyle or bibstyle if you want to do unusual stuff and mix styles.

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