I wish to append some pdf documents to the end of a larger document I'm writing, but find that using the \includepdf command provided by pdfpages always crashes pdflatex.

The following example exibits the behaviour:

First create a test pdf, which we will append to the main doc:



This is some text






  This is the text in the main doc.



This causes pdflates to crash with a 'pdflatex has encountered a problem' message. In this case I'm using MikTeX 2.9 on windows XP Pro 32 Bit with Texniccenter 1.0 as my editor (although Texworks also fails, not that I think the editor has anything to do with it, but you never know). I haven't tried on other platforms. In case it's relevent I do not normally have admin access on this PC.

Is this a known problem, and is there a latex work around? I'm aware of other non-latex methods to append the pdfs if necessary.

  • You should be using pages={-} or pages=-, not pages={~}. – egreg May 20 '12 at 11:11
  • Hooray! I'm embarrassed that it was so simple, but also a bit dissappointed that this can actually crash pdflatex. If you put this as an answer below I'll give you the credit. – crobar May 20 '12 at 11:17

The error message is

!pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file \protect \unhbox \voidb@x \penalty \@M \ {}.pdf):
 cannot find image file

which is caused by calling the option


rather than the correct


I don't think there's a really safe protection against such errors.

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