I'm having trouble putting together a beamer presentation. I would like to put the title, the footer and the items in green tones.

I appreciate any help.

title: "long title"
date: "10/10/2020"
    theme: "CambridgeUS"
    keep_tex: true
  - \AtBeginDocument{\title[short title]{"long title"}}
  - \AtBeginDocument{\author[author1; author2; author3; author4]{author1\\author2\\author3\\author4}}
  - \addtobeamertemplate{headline}{\includegraphics[width=\paperwidth,height=2cm,page=2]{img.png}}
# Introduction   

* text1;  

* text2;  
* text3;

* text4.

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How do we add a logo on a beamer in R Markdown title page? Also, how do I add the shortinstitute function for the footline in beamer R Markdown? Can someone please help with the correct commands.

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