(Follow-up to Making LaTeX documents with Hebrew? (in Sweave + RStudio))

Trying to reproduce the above answer, I followed these instructions without success, under Windows 7.

The best result I got so far is a document containing correct Hebrew text, but backwards (meaning RTL) R output. It means that the whole document is right-aligned, even the English parts.

BTW, I was using the knitr function, as sweave was not functioning at all. My Encoding is UTF-8.

I would appreciate any tips or solution!


%  This document must be compiled with Sweave and xelatex (not pdflatex)
\usepackage[noae]{Sweave} % you must load Sweave with the `noae` option
% load polyglossia late in the package load order, since the bidi package (which is
% loaded when an RTL language is set) redefines lots of package code.
\setmainfont{David CLM}
% for R work with Hebrew, it's important to have a mono font that supports
% the Hebrew script.  Miriam Mono is one that I know of
\setmonofont[Script=Hebrew]{Miriam Mono CLM}  
\title{\textenglish{Side-by-side xtables}}
ראשית קצת קוד R כדי ליצור כמה נתונים.
myData <- matrix(c(19,89,23,23,74,44,16,39,67),ncol=3,byrow=TRUE)
colnames(myData) <- c("A","B","C")
rownames(myData) <- c("1","2","3")
myData2 <- myData * 2

כעת אנו שמים את הנתונים בשני צדדי על ידי צד טבלאות:

\captionof{table}{\textenglish{First Table}}
  add.to.row=list(pos=list(-1,0, nrow(myData)),

\captionof{table}{\textenglish{Second Table}}
  add.to.row=list(pos=list(-1,0, nrow(myData2)),


(sorry, the system doesn't allow me to upload pics... but believe me, the whole page is right-aligned, and the R code is reversed)


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Since I cannot compile Hebrew documents (I may need to install certain fonts), here is my guess which might work. Put this in your LaTeX preamble and see if it works:


The LTR environment was suggested by Alan Munn, and I have no idea of it.

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