I am a regular Overleaf user. I wanted to compile $\mathbb{5}$. I can do it for $\mathbb{1}$(Or like $\mathbb{1}$). I have read this.

I have used this set of packages alongside the other necessary packages.

\usepackage{bbm} %%(The \mathbb{} effect for 1 only)
%\usepackage{newtxmath} %%(The \mathbb{} effect for digits)
%\usepackage{unicode-math} %(Only works with LuaLatex)

The only time I have a positive return is the case when I use usepackage{newtxmath}. But when I use the package, it ruins the whole text of the pdf.


You could use the double struck from stix2, just taking enough from stix2.sty to define the one font not change the whole setup.

enter image description here

\DeclareMathAlphabet{\stixbb}{LS1}{stix2bb}   {m} {n}


  • I use \documentclass{amsart}. There will be no issues, right? Oct 14 '20 at 11:20
  • 2
    font setup in amsart is essentially same as article+amsmath so should be fine @RalphClausen Oct 14 '20 at 11:28
  • Thanks! @DavidCarlisle Oct 14 '20 at 11:38

This works out of the box in unicode-math. The package also supports \Bbbfive and the Unicode character 𝟝.

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