I'm using threeparttable to add table notes to a tabu tabular*. A common use case is to have a note at the end of a cell. If the note is however not added to a cell's last word, the following space is swallowed.

enter image description here

It's possible to add an \hspace after the note, as can be seen in the third row. Also, as a global workaround, one could add a space to the \tnote command's definition:


The former solution is somewhat acceptable, the latter rather hackish. Is there a better way of achieving the standard \footnote behaviour of not swallowing spaces?




    \begin{tabu} to .4\textwidth {XX}
        a & b\tnote{*} and c                \\\toprule
        1 & {2\tnote{*}}{~and 3}            \\
        4 & 5\tnote{*}\hspace{1.5ex}and 6   \\\bottomrule
        \item[*] The table note.

(*) That's possible thanks to a patch by @egreg.


threeparttable defines \tnote so that the symbol it typesets doesn't contribute to the cell's width, and that's the meaning of \TPToverlap.

I suggest to leave \tnote as it is (for notes appearing at the end of a cell's text) and to define


for "middle notes".

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    I see. It's not a bug, it's a feature... thanks.
    – dgs
    May 21 '12 at 5:52

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