I am using Inkscape, together with its LaTeX output feature, to create a block diagram for a report. I want to link each block in the diagram to a particular section in the report, using a hyperref.

Suppose I create a simple block, containing the text \hyperref[sect:eg]{Example}, and I export this diagram from Inkscape to files called example.pdf and example.pdf_tex.

Inkscape block with example text

Then, in my LaTeX file, I write:



\section{example \label{sect:eg}}



This works as expected: the text within the block diagram is clickable and links to the section.

However, I am now facing a problem where I want a block to contain two lines.

Inserting a linebreak from the Inkscape text editor does not work, nor does adding a linebreak manually ('\\').

The compiler (pdflatex) complains about the following line in the example.pdf_tex file:


Are there any clever workarounds for this? I could try messing around with the pdf_tex source code, but ideally a solution from within Inkscape or my main.tex file would be great.


Turns out you can use the makecell package.

enter image description here

Result with same MWE as in question:

enter code here

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