How to get rid of double Parentheses of the equation number, I appear like ((1)) , and I want it to be single like (1)


Oh_d =\frac{\A_d}{\sqrt{\B_d\; R_d \; \C_d}},
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    Welcome to TeX SX! I guess the culprit is the patches package, which is not on CTAN. Where did you get it? – Bernard Oct 19 '20 at 23:22
  • Thank you, Bernard, I got it from the journal template. If I delete it, then all the images and some features disappeared. – Luigi Oct 19 '20 at 23:38
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    What document class are you using? Please identify the "journal template". There's not enough information here to even make a reasonable guess. – barbara beeton Oct 20 '20 at 3:07
  • You do not have to delete it, it probably can be patched. – Bernard Oct 20 '20 at 9:12

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