My question is motivated by the amssymb package not having a checkmark in a box symbol. Fortunately, I have found in Creating Boxed Check Mark a way to create a checkmark in a box.

However, how to make it compatible with a box with no checkmark? Consider this example:


\makebox[0pt][l]{$\square$}\raisebox{0.15ex}{\hspace{0.1em}$\checkmark$} A\\
\makebox[0pt][l]{$\square$}{\hspace{0.5em}} B\\


The output is:

enter image description here

I am trying to manipulate the parameter in \hspace to bring "B" aligned with "A" lacking a precise solution. Can you help?

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    you can use \phantom{\raisebox{0.15ex}{\hspace{0.1em}$\checkmark$}} instead of the \hspace{0.5em} Oct 24, 2020 at 20:26

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Probably reversing the logic:




\checkbox{1} A

\checkbox{0} B


enter image description here

I added an argument so there are no issues with spaces after the macro. It's also easier to manage the appearance of the check mark if you so prefer.

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