I am trying to reformat an enumerated value depending on whether I am "grading" or not, and I have a working solution, but I would like to know would be how to automatically switch between \theenumi, \theenumii, and \theenumiii based on \@enumdepth in the minimum working example that I have posted below:

\usepackage{ifthen, amsmath, tikz, enumerate}


            \node[shape=circle,draw,inner sep=2pt,color=blue] (char) {#1};}}

    \else \item




I tried using \theenum\romannumeral\@enumdepth instead of \theenumii, similar to what I did with \stepcounter{enum\romannumeral\@enumdepth}, which didn't work though I think I understand why. If anyone has any suggestions for how to implement this solution better and update based on the level, I am very open to suggestions.

--------------------------- EDIT

Using Donald Arseneau's solution as a basis, I've modified my implementation to also include the label automatically: \textcolor{ForestGreen}{\@nameuse{label\@enumctr}} So the code


produces So it has the functionality I need it to. If anyone knows a simple way of recentering the circled items, let me know but otherwise I'm very happy with the result!


Use \@nameuse{ } or \csname \endcsname.


But since you already know about \@enumdepth and use it, you probably have seen \@enumctr which will simplify usage

  • That worked perfectly, thank you for your help! – Shaun Oct 25 '20 at 4:42

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