I have very recently started using ZOTERO as a tool to import my references to my latex script. It´s working fine except for the websites I want to import. Instead of @online… they only appear as @misc…. So when I want to show the references with the \printbibliography, it doesn´t print the url and the date of access. Unfortunately I am not able to edit the bibliography once I imported it. I checked that the style I saved it in on ZOTERO says website.

I am using the ACS citation style:


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If you're getting websites as @misc in your exported .bib file from Zotero, you're exporting as BibTex, not as BibLaTeX. Zotero will export them as @online for BibLaTeX.

FWIW, if you're using Zotero with Bib(La)TeX, you'll also want to look at the Better BibTeX add-on for Zotero


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