I'm experiencing a glitch with a decoration command, which moves a bit the text on the page. Here's a stripped down version of the code I'm trying to fix:


% Main header :
    \sethead[\thepage][][\itshape\small\MakeUppercase{\chaptername\ \thechapter. \chaptertitle}]{\itshape\small\MakeUppercase{\thesection\ \sectiontitle}}{}{\thepage}

% Add ornementations to corners :

\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay]
    \node[anchor=north west,xshift=0.5in+2mm,yshift=-2mm] at (current page.north west){% 
    \node[anchor=north east,xshift=-2mm,yshift=-2mm] at (current page.north east){%
    \node[anchor=south west,xshift=0.5in+2mm,yshift=2mm] at (current page.south west){% 
    \node[anchor=south east,xshift=-2mm,yshift=2mm] at (current page.south east){% 



\chapter{Chapter title}


Some funny line\footnote{Some weird footnote text.}


Another line


Here's a preview of what this code is doing (we need two compilations to see the result) :

enter image description here

If you desactivate the decoration command \pageornament{41}{gray} (just after the chapter's title), the text moves back to its proper position. Why is the ornament command moving the block of text? How can I prevent this to happen?

  • I suggest using eso-pic to place the ornament.
    – Symbol 1
    Oct 28, 2020 at 22:51
  • This is the normal indentation at the beginning of a paragraph. Note that the first paragraph of a section/chapter is not indented. Oct 28, 2020 at 22:53
  • @Andreas Matthias, the command change also the vertical position of the text. I don’t want this to happen. How can I change the command to prevent the text Motion ?
    – Cham
    Oct 28, 2020 at 22:56
  • @Symbol, how? Could you suggest a macro to do the same decoration ?
    – Cham
    Oct 28, 2020 at 22:58
  • 1
    @Cham: Your first paragraph is more or less empty, but nevertheless it is a complete paragraph. Actually it contains two spaces from your macro where you did not comment all newline characters. Your ornament is put into a box, and even if the dimensions of your box would be 0pt x 0pt it would still be a box, ie a complete paragaph. And the second paragaph is shifted down. -- Don't go this way. Try it with eso-pic. Oct 28, 2020 at 23:21

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Use the \AddToHook macro to extend the \shipout macro to output the contents of a zero-sized picture, at the top left (0,0) of the page.

% pagedecoprob.tex  Try for decorative page margins

\documentclass{book} \usepackage{geometry}  %%%% SE 568730  or
%\documentclass{memoir}  %%%% SE 568730



% seems like picture can now cope with actual values
% inset from page edges, change this to suit
\newlength{\linset} \setlength{\linset}{\baselineskip} 
% x coordinate of RHS 
\newlength{\rloc} \setlength{\rloc}{\paperwidth} \addtolength{\rloc}{-\linset}
% (-) y coordinate of bottom location
\newlength{\bloc} \setlength{\bloc}{\paperheight} \addtolength{\bloc}{-\linset}

% the decorative elements and their placements
  \put(\linset,-\linset){\makebox(0,0)[tl]{linset, -linset}}  % top left
  \put(\rloc,-\linset){\makebox(0,0)[tr]{rloc, -linset}}      % top right
  \put(\linset,-\bloc){\makebox(0,0)[bl]{linset, -bloc}}      % bottom left
  \put(\rloc,-\bloc){\makebox(0,0)[br]{rloc, -bloc}}          % bottom right

% use LaTeX arrows as the decorative elements
  \put(\linset,-\linset){\makebox(0,0)[tl]{\Huge$\nearrow$}}  % top left
  \put(\rloc,-\linset){\makebox(0,0)[tr]{\Huge$\nwarrow$}}    % top right
  \put(\linset,-\bloc){\makebox(0,0)[bl]{\Huge$\searrow$}}    % bottom left
  \put(\rloc,-\bloc){\makebox(0,0)[br]{\Huge$\swarrow$}}      % bottom right

% put decorative elements on this and future pages 

\textbf{Added To Hook}

\textbf{Removed from Hook}



\textbf{Added to Hook}



With thanks to @ulrikefischer for showing me the \...Hook code (answer to How do I put (or not) something on every page independently of headers and footers?).

enter image description here

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