I've tried to use the forest package to make a 'hierarchical block diagram' like this. hierarchical block diagram

It seemed that my effort can never meet my goal. I also tried Visio, and it didn't work well. So I came back to Latex and need advice from you guys. Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot Mr. bibra. I put your code into mine, and the result looked like this: enter image description here

The branches are not orthogonal as yours. Could you give me a hint or more information? Still one more question, can this 'tree diagram' be saved as a figure or which form should it appear in my work so I can reference it any where?

@ js bibra I think I found what's wrong with my tex code. In the preamble, before the line


I accidentally added the following line (which could happened any time before I post this question and was looking for a solution on line)


Everything is OK if I remove this line. Thank you so much again @js bibra.

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    How close did you get with the forest package? Could you post that attempt? Even if it doesn't compile, it would give us a starting point.
    – Teepeemm
    Oct 30 '20 at 15:17
  • @T.M. please have alook at the answer below
    – js bibra
    Oct 30 '20 at 17:09
  • you can adapt the package FAST enseignement.allais.eu/page-latex
    – rpapa
    Oct 30 '20 at 18:55
  • @T.M. request to accept the answer if it meets the requirement by clicking the green tick mark on left side of the answer -- a green tick will appear once you accept the answer
    – js bibra
    Nov 7 '20 at 16:24

This should point you in the right direction -- I have not filled up the exact text

Level 0 is the root level or origin and so on -- the code is self-explanatory

enter image description here


        for tree={
            node options={draw, thick, font=\sffamily, align=center, },
            forked edges,
            l sep=4mm,
            s sep=2mm,
            fork sep = 2mm,           % new, distance from parent to branching point
            where level=0{rotate=90, anchor=center, fill=blue!20}{}, % new
            where level=1{s sep=1mm,fill=blue!20}{}, % new
             where level=2{s sep=1mm,draw=none}{},
              where level=3{s sep=1mm,draw=none}{},
%            where level=2{}{rotate=90, anchor=center} % new
%where n children={11}{rotate=90, anchor=center}{},
%where n children={2}{rotate=90, anchor=center, fill=blue!20}{},
%where n children=6{rotate=90, anchor=center}{},
%where n children=8{rotate=90, anchor=center}{},
        [Mother branch,
        [Text ]
  • Thank a lot @js bibra. After removing \usepackage[linguistics]{forest} in my preamble, everything is OK.
    – T. M.
    Oct 31 '20 at 9:15
  • @T.M. request to accept the answer if it meets the requirement by clicking the green tick mark on left side of the answer
    – js bibra
    Oct 31 '20 at 13:32

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