Using revtex with two columns, I would like to have an extra text after the bibliography, formatted as follows:

  • start a new page after the bibliography

  • insert a single column text (sort of title)

  • proceed with sections in two column format

I have tried to use \onecolumngrid to temporarly switch to one column, and then \twocolumngrid to go back to the original setting:

New title
\section{new section}

However, doing so the left column is left empty, and "new section" begins on the right column.

Alternatively, I have tried a table* environment to insert a page-wide text, as


  \noindent\parbox{\textwidth}{\large\bf new title}
\section{new section}

This however creates a float with the "new title", which is shifted to a page after the "new section". Using \FloatBarrier from placeins did not solve the problem. Using figure* instead of table* does not change the behavior.

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