\includegraphics is not working with texlive. The minimal code included in the file "test.tex" is the following


(electro1.eps is present in the directory).

Compiling the file "test.tex" I get the error

$latex test.tex 
This is pdfTeX, Version 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.20 (TeX Live 2019/Debian) (preloaded format=latex)
 restricted \write18 enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2020-02-02> patch level 2
L3 programming layer <2020-02-14> (./article.cls
Document Class: article 2007/10/19 v1.4h Standard LaTeX document class
(/usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/base/size10.clo)) (./inputenc.sty
(/usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/base/ts1enc.dfu))) (./graphicx.sty
(./keyval.sty) (./graphics.sty (./trig.sty) (./graphics.cfg)
Runaway argument?
"electro1.eps" \edef \Gin@ext {\Gin@sepdefault \filename@ext }\ifx \Gin@ext \ET
! File ended while scanning use of \@tempa.
<inserted text> 
<*> test.tex

The log file does not give more information.

I have purged all the texlive installation and reinstalled it but nothing changes.

I am running Linux Mint 20 Ulyana with Linux 5.4.0-48-generic kernel. The texlive-base version is 2019.20200218-1.

Help greatly appreciated!

  • Why aris inputinc, graphicx, key-val, graphics etc coming from the same folder? Please test in a folder which nly contains your tex file and the eps such that you're using the package versions from your installation
    – daleif
    Oct 31 '20 at 12:15
  • You're right! These .sty files were already in the folder I was using (I uploaded it from a colleague). I was messing up different versions of latex. Thanks!
    – Bruno
    Oct 31 '20 at 12:22
  • And now you know another tool to use for debugging things like this.
    – daleif
    Oct 31 '20 at 12:23

Latex first creates a dvi and then pdf file. This does not work with include graphics. One has to set compile command to pdf chain or pdflatex. Please try this, it works for me:


You can remove sin.tex and r.jpg from the list

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