I just upgraded from fedora version 32 to version 33. Tikz has therefore been updated (from the 3.1.4b to 3.1.5b). Since this change, this figure no longer compiles (I uses Lualatex) :





    pattern=north west lines,
    pattern color=RdBu-9-2, 
    line width=1}

\usepackage[babel, autostyle]{csquotes}


  \matrix [matrix of nodes,
  nodes={minimum size=.75cm}
  ] (zla0) at (0,0)
    \draw[ffa,ffc] (0,0) circle (.3cm);&
    \draw[ffa,ffc] (0,0) circle (.3cm);\\

  \matrix [matrix of nodes,
  nodes={minimum size=.75cm},
  below=2cm of zla0] (zlb0)
    \draw[ffa,ffc] (0,0) circle (.3cm);\\

  \foreach \m in {0} {
    \draw (zla\m.south west) |- ($(zla\m.south west)!0.5!(zla\m.south
    east) + (0,-.1)$) -| (zla\m.south east)  node[pos=0, yshift=.2]
    (zla\m-g) {};
    \draw (zlb\m.north west) |- ($(zlb\m.north west)!0.5!(zlb\m.north
    east) + (0,.1)$) -| (zlb\m.north east)  node[pos=0, yshift=.2]
    (zlb\m-g) {};
    \draw[->>, black,] ([yshift=-.2cm]zla\m.south) -- ([yshift=.2cm]zlb\m.north);

  \draw[|-, black] ([yshift=1.25cm]zla0-1-2.north) -- (zla0-1-2.north)
  node[pos=.6,fill=white, minimum size=.75cm]{};

  \node[above=0cm of zla0-1-1.north, anchor=south, align=center,
  font=\tiny, text width=1.75cm]{\enquote{Je suis proche du \emph{Pic
        Jean Ray}}};

  \node[above=1.25cm of zla0-1-2.north, anchor=south, align=center,
  font=\tiny, text width=1.75cm]{\enquote{Je suis sous une \emph{crête}}};

  \node[below=0cm of zlb0.south, anchor=north, align=center,
  font=\tiny, text width=4cm]{\enquote{Je suis proche du \emph{Pic
        Jean Ray} et sous une crête}};

  \node[fill=white,align=center, font=\large\sffamily] at ($(zla0.south east)!0.5!(zlb0.north
  west)$){\emph{Fusion} des \emph{indices de localisation}};


At compilation I get errors like :

ERROR: Package pgf Error: No shape named `zla0-1-2' is known.

By searching in the tikz repository I have identified the problem: the cells of a matrix of nodes that contain a \path derivative (like \draw) are directly treated and not added to a node (source). But I haven't found out why this code, which worked on ferora 32, doesn't work anymore (I couldn't find any information in the tikz changelog or anything else).

What is the best solution to make this figure work again? Knowing that I have several figures that are built on this scheme (this one is the simplest, for the example) and that I have few time to make these modifications.

The best would be if there was an option to switch to the old way of working, but I haven't found anything similar in the documentation.

Ps : I have ask the same question in french here, if I have an answer there I would post here and vice versa.

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    This different-from-document behavior was introduced by b9750809 and restored by 5e2f4a88, and the influenced tikz releases are 3.1.2 to 3.1.4b (inclusive). – muzimuzhi Z Nov 5 '20 at 12:40
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    Though nesting tikzpicture is not officially supported, adding \tikz before every \draw used in matrix cells seems to work. BTW, to make \tiny defined, you need, for example, document class article. – muzimuzhi Z Nov 5 '20 at 20:45
  • Indeed my minimal example is too minimal. In the whole document I uses the scrbook class with some customizations. I tried to add the tikz command before each draw and it works very well, thanks. The result is not exactly the same (the rows are a bit thicker), but this is not a problem. – Atm Nov 6 '20 at 10:30

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