I'm writing a document with memoir class in which the table of contents has a different typeblock size than the rest of the document. I know that geometry package can do what I want with \newgeometry{...} ... \restoregeometry. The memoir manual says:

The class also provides functions similar to those provided by the following packages, although the commands are different: crop, fancyhdr, geometry, sidecap, subfigure, titlesec.

So my question is if there is something similar to \newgeometry{...} ... \restoregeometry in memoir or in this case I need to load geometry.

  • What about the sentence after the one you cite: You can use these packages if you wish, or just use the capabilities of the memoir class.? This sounds like you can just use the geometry package.
    – gernot
    Commented Nov 7, 2020 at 15:31
  • What about the second chapter of the memoir manual? It says: Although the form is different, the facilities described in this chapter are similar to those provided by the geometry package. So this chapter will answer your question.
    – gernot
    Commented Nov 7, 2020 at 15:33
  • Thanks for your comments. I just wanted to be sure that I need to load that package (I wasn’t sure to be overlooking something in the manual) Commented Nov 7, 2020 at 16:41
  • How did you alter the typeblock size for the ToC. Can you just reverse that process? Commented Nov 7, 2020 at 18:35

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As far as I know memoir doesnt have equivalents to the geometry \newgeometryand\restoregeometry. However it is possible to change the layout within a memoir` document.

% memlayoutprob.tex  SE 569916

\settypeblocksize{598pt}{341pt}{*} % the default for A4 paper


\onecolumn % TeX reconfigures its layout when swapping between one and two columns
\settypeblocksize{598pt}{341pt}{*} % the default for A4 paper


I know it looks a pain but it is doable. Perhaps a future version of memoir might include some more user-friendly code.


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