I am using URW Garamond in LaTeX running on Mac OS X. The capital Q has a very long swash (extending beyond the next two glyphs!), which makes it unusable for me (I have too many capital Q's in my writing, e.g. from Chinese pinyin, W.V.O. Quine, among others). I would like to use an alternate capital Q, with a normal swash, which I assume may exist in the font. I have looked in vain for a package or explanation how to make this switch. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.

PS. I am asking because I am considering using URW Garamond for a book soon to be published by an academic press, assuming I can fix this. If not, I will use the fourier package. For a number of reasons I cannot consider alternatives such as XeTeX. I am somewhat hesitant to try to install Adobe Garamond Premier Pro, but I might consider it if that is the only solution.

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  • Is buying an OpenType Garamond an option? I don't think the Postscript font has any alternate glyphs but you can open it in in Fontforge and have a look. myfonts.com/person/Claude_Garamond is a list of Garamonds and there is a free-as-in-freedom one on github.com/georgd/EB-Garamond/downloads but this all means that you'd have to use LuaLaTeX (which is easier than switching to XeLaTeX from my experience). – Christian May 23 '12 at 15:22
  • Speaking of Fontforge, you can even try to change the Q you don't like. Small changes like this can turn out easier than you might think. I don't know whether this is legal though. – Christian May 23 '12 at 15:26
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If using fontspec you can switch off the contextual alternates:


\setmainfont{Garamond Premier Pro}

Quad Qed

Quad Qed


(Sorry I miss that you don’T want XeTeX, but I don’t delet this answer since it may help other searching for this question …)

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I don't understand the problem. With this example - which uses ugmr8a.pfb from fonts/urw/garamond/ on CTAN I don't see any long swashes:

Que Qa

enter image description here

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