I'm writing an article and I need to put a figure on the top right but only on the first page.

Also on the top left I need to place the type of article

for Example

      Scientific Paper (left header).............................Figure (right header)

                              Title of the Article

                            Author 1, Author 2, Author 3

                       Affiliation1, Affiliation2, Affiliation3, 

               Other Abstract                          Abstract
               Some text                               Some text 
               Some text                               Some text 
               Some text                               Some text 
               Some text                               Some text 

I try to put "Scientific Paper" using fancyhdr but it only shows up from the second page onwards.

the code I've worked with so far is:

\fancyhead[RE]{Journal Name}
\fancyhead[LE,RO]{{ \thepage }}
\fancyhead[LO]{{Author 1 / Title of the Article}} 
{\textsc {Title of the Article}}}

\author[1,*]{Author 1}
\author[2]{Author 2}
\author[1]{Author 3}
\affil[1]{\it Department of Mechanical Engineering}
\affil[2]{\it Department of Electrical Engineering}

\footnotetext[1]{Autor para correspondencia. Email: 
\url{apsarmientoc@gmail.com} }


{\bf Received:} 18 -- May -- 2012;  \hspace{0.25cm} {\bf Approved:} 20 -- May -- 2012

\noindent {\bf \large  Abstract}
\palabrasclave{keyword 1, keyword 2, etc}

\noindent {\bf \large Other Abstract}
\keywords{keyword 1, keyword 2, etc}

The code of the class to use is



0pt\textit{\textbf{Keywords}}: #1}
0pt\textbf{\textit{Palabras clave}}: #1}


Thanks for your help

  • If I understand your setup correctly, you only need the "fancy" page stuff on the title page. If this is correct, try issuing the statement \thispagestyle{fancy} right after \maketitle instead of having the statement \pagestyle{fancy} in the document's preamble. – Mico May 23 '12 at 16:34

The document class causes the title (created using \maketitle) to be set within a titlepage environment, which uses \thispagestyle{empty}. You could redefine the empty page style:

  \fancyhf{}% Clear header/footer
  \fancyhead[L]{Scientific Paper}% Your journal/note
  \fancyhead[R]{\rule{100pt}{30pt}}% Your logo/image

enter image description here

If this is the only page in your document using the empty page style, redefining it in this way should not be problematic. Otherwise you would have to do some more work to create a different title page style. Of greater concern should be whether or not the journal accepts this modified requirement.

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