I am relatively new to Latex. I am writing my thesis in Latex, which has been (as you know) so much more convenient than a word processor. I am using \documentclass[oneside,11pt]{book} along with the libertine and libertinust1math packages.

But, my department has provided me with a title page template in a Word file (screenshot below), and they say I must follow the template exactly. title

How do I go about creating a title page in Latex? Can you please recommend some Latex templates or tutorials that might help me think about how to reproduce the above snapshot from Word?

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While I haven't the real PDF template to compare, I tried to replicate the template as similar as I can.


My code is here (perhaps not forever), and follows as well:


\usepackage{lipsum}           % Just for example

\title{Thesis Title: Subtitle}
\author{Firstname M Lastname}
\date{December, 2020}


            {\bfseries \@title}

            Submitted in partial fullfilment of the requirements for the degree of\\[1em]
            Doctos of Philosophy in\\[1em]  
            Department of Hilarity


            Fun University

            Jolly City, Silly Syaye




    \frontmatter % Remove numbering from frontmatter
    \printcover  % We've defined above
    % some stuffs
    \mainmatter % Start numbering
    \lipsum[1-50] % Just for example

If you want the exact copy

If your university is very serious about this "follow exactly", maybe you can export the cover to PDF using Word and include it in your document. To do that, just use this MWE.


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