Can you explain the main differences/advantages/disadvantages between package mhchem and chemformula? I don't mean the exact usage but the main aspects to choose between them (e.g. one of them is recommended for some specific field or one of them is more easy to use for the "basics" and other is for the more complex formulas).

I am writing now a longer paper with basic reagents and some oxidation/reduction equations but I can't decide between the two packages (without reading approx. one hundred pages of manual).


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Here is a basic overview over some key differences (not so many, actually):

mhchem chemformula
developed by Martin Hensel Clemens Niederberger (i.e., me)
focuses on ease of use and simplicity customizability and extendability by the user
actively maintained yes yes
has rudimentory support for TeX4HT yes no
pgf/TikZ required no yes
can be used with chemmacros yes yes
is picky about input syntax sometimes always
can be recommended by me yes yes

Which one you want to use in a matter of taste in the vast majority of use cases IMHO. There might be edge cases when one can be preferred over the other.

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