For my current protocol I use the Glossaries package and everthing works fine. But I want some things to modify and for this I need some hints. I use an abbreviation that is in english. So in the list of acronyms I would like to give more details as only the long form of the acronym.


  • acronym: AC

  • description: alternating current [engl.: „Wechselstrom“; meint auch Gleichspannung] In the text obviously I just want to display Wechselstrom as long form.

So what do I to adjust? Thanks!

little example:





Some text about \gls{ac}. Some further text about \gls{ac} to show the abbreviation displayed.

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The answer is to insert the description-option like

[description={ alternating current [engl.: \glqq Wechselstrom\grqq; meint auch Gleichspannung]}]

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