I've written this tree using the Forest package. The output is perfect, but I don't understand why in order to increase the length of the branch connecting r, I had to write [h, l=2] and not [r, l=2]. Thank you in advance

  empty nodes/.style={
    for tree={calign=fixed edge angles},
      where content={}{
        for current and siblings={anchor=north}
[$\Omega$, empty nodes
[($\alpha$), l=1.5[G][($\beta$)[B][($\gamma$)[r][h, l=2]]]]]]]
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    Try with some like [r, l*=2] or [r, l*=2cm]
    – Fran
    Dec 1 '20 at 16:13

l=2 really means l=2pt. In effect, l is irrelevant and l sep takes over. To see what it produces, remove empty nodes -- with h, l=2 you get r directly below h, even though they are siblings.

Then empty nodes takes over and applies calign=fixed edge angles, pushing the nodes apart while keeping the ls intact.

So as Fran answered in the comment, l*=2 on r does the trick, as this doubles the original l, pushing r below h.

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