I am using a the "memoir" class. I am using a custom pagestyle called "mio":

\makepagestyle{mio} % Define a new custom page style
\setlength{\headwidth}{\textwidth} % Header the same width as the text
\makeheadrule{mio}{\textwidth}{0.1mm} % Header rule height
\makeoddhead{mio}{\scriptsize{\theauthor\hskip.2cm\vrule\hskip.2cm\itshape{\thetitle}}}{}{} % Header specification
\makeoddfoot{mio}{}{\scriptsize {\thepage \quad \vrule \quad \thelastpage}}{} % Footer specification
\makeoddfoot{plain}{}{\footnotesize {\thepage \quad \vrule \quad \thelastpage}}{} % Pages of chapters
\pagestyle{mio} % Set the page style to the custom style defined above

I would like the change \theauthor to represent the current Chapter and paragraph, something like

\makeoddhead{mio}{\scriptsize{\leftmark \rightmark \hskip.2cm\vrule\hskip.2cm\itshape{\thetitle}}}{}{} % Header specification

How do I specify \leftmark to be the current chapter and \rightmark to be the current paragraph.

Something like:

\chapter*{My Chapter}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{My Chapter}

\paragraph{1}\label{sec:my-chapter:1} This is my first paragraph.

\paragraph{2}\label{sec:my-chapter:2} This is my second paragraph.

\paragraph{3}\label{sec:my-chapter:3} This is my third paragraph.

\paragraph{4}\label{sec:my-chapter:4} This is my fourth paragraph.

Would display in the page header as "My Chapter: para 2".

Notice \chapter* is my chapter setting, using toc to keep it indexed.

  • Unrelated \scriptsize does not take any arguments. – daleif Dec 7 '20 at 9:13

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