I want to add sub - scriptions centered below a formular, but I want everything to start with the same margin. Also I'd like to add a tab-kinda thing so the descriptions of each identity start below each other:

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\vec{B} = \mu_0 \cdot (\vec{H} + \vec{M}) = \mu_r \cdot \mu_0 \cdot \vec{H}

\(\mu_r = 1 + \chi\): Permeabilitätszahl\\
\(\mu_0\): magnetische Felkonstante \\
\(\chi\): Suszeptibilität

\end {document}

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Here's a solution that nests an aligned environment in an align environment.

enter image description here

\usepackage{amsmath} % for align and aligned environments and \text macro

\vec{B} &= \mu_0 (\vec{H} + \vec{M}) = \mu_r \mu_0 \vec{H} \\[0.5ex]
   &\textsf{$\mu_r = 1 + \chi$: Permeabilitätszahl}\\
   &\textsf{$\mu_0$: magnetische Felkonstante} \\
   &\textsf{$\chi$: Suszeptibilität}
\end{aligned} \notag

\end {document}

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