I want to put a tilde above $ \tilde{L_1}^{T}\omega_1 $ such that it encompasses these two variable. How do I do that? My approach here puts two separate \tilde on L_1 and the transpose T

$$\frac{\partial \text{T}{\partial C_{N1} } = \tilde{\tilde{L_1}^{T}\omega_1}$$
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    Please always post a complete document that shows the problem. If I try your fragment I get Runaway argument? {\partial \text {T}{\partial C_{N1} } = \tilde {\tilde {L_1}^{T}\omega \ETC. ! File ended while scanning use of \frac Dec 8 '20 at 20:01

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\widetilde but do not use $$ in LaTex and don't use \text for math variables as that picks up the current text font.

\frac{\partial \mathrm{T}}{\partial C_{N1} } = \widetilde{\tilde{L_1}^{\!\mathrm{T}}\omega_1}


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