I am using the Ph.D. dissertation .cls file. When I create a paragraph there is a misalignment in the paragraph page number in TOC. TOC

Below is the minimal code:

\title{Some title}

\author{Some Name}
\major{Some Engineering}


% Table Of Contents
\renewcommand{\contentsname}{Table of Contents}

% List of tables

% List of figures

% Begin Body

\chapter{Chapter 1} 
\section{A very long section, very long text section}
\subsection{A very long subsection, very long text subsection}
\subsubsection{A very long subsubsection Very long text subsubsection}
\paragraph{A long paragraph}


Below is the relevant part of the cls file.

%Margins of Table of Contents - so that the page listings for toc do 
%not align with page number 

I couldn't find an alternative for the paragraph. Similar to:


Here is the link to the class file. Can somebody help me to fix this issue, please?

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Using the below LaTeX command did the trick:


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