Putting the below commands in the preamble of a document causes TexStudio to wrongly flag "math command outside math env" (as illustrated)

enter image description here

The declaration I found on the list at absolute value symbols. Is there any way to prevent TexStudio doing this?

Note: This is not the question of how to make TexStudio recognise the \DeclarePairedDelimiter command which is answered by editing the .cwl file

  • Sorry, my bad. Your question was very clear, I misunderstood the other one :-)
    – campa
    Dec 9 '20 at 15:43
  • No problem at all
    – peter2108
    Dec 9 '20 at 16:05


I just realized that the highlighting had already worked before I added that line to my test .cwl.
Then I checked github and saw that a similar edit to what I proposed has already been to mathtools.cwl since that question was asked.

So, a better answer would probably be: update TeXstudio (if you haven't already in past months).

You can mark arguments in .cwl files as math-environment-like with the %formula-suffix, so you could redefine \DeclarePairedDelimiter using:


Then the code copied from the question you linked would look like this:

enter image description here

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